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Personal Non-theraputic Art Facilitator

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Sessions by appointment only

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What I do…

This program is designed to help children (ages 3-17) and their parents through the child’s life-limiting illness with the joy of private art creation sessions.

During this time, the child will enjoy an assortment of art projects. These projects can include, according to the capacity of the child - collage, pottery, painting, jewelry making, etc.

I understand that the child will not always tell their parent how they're feeling. They will cover up their pain by saying that they're OK, especially when they see that their parents are hurt/grieving in a particular way. I believe that taking part in art projects will help relieve the daily stress of dealing with what's to come next day by day, moment to moment.

It is known that the arts releases stress and awakens the spirit. We can all use creative distractions. Once the child has passed on the hope is that eventually the parent will not look at the work and grieve but smile. Smile with the memories and beauty of the work done by their child.

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Why use Color Pathways?

"Until recently, pediatric palliative care programs have been most available in the hospital setting.[3] According to a 2013 study, 69% of responding children’s hospitals reported the presence of a palliative care team, but team staffing and capacity varied tremendously.[4] Now, many are expanding to provide perinatal palliative care services as well.[5] Most of these programs remain heavily reliant on making the case to hospital leaders for funding support, so program-level and comparative data are critical for developing, sustaining, and expanding these pediatric and perinatal palliative care services."

3. Rabow MW, O’Riordan DL, Pantilat SZ. A Statewide Survey of Adult and Pediatric Outpatient Palliative Care Services. J Palliat Med. 2014;17(12):1311-1316.

4. Feudtner C, Womer J, Augustin R, Remke S, Wolfe J, Friebert S, Weissman D. Pediatric Palliative Care Programs in Children’s Hospitals: A Cross-sectional National Survey. Pediatrics. 2013 Dec;132(6):1063-70.

5. Denney-Koelsch E, Black BP, Cote-Arsenault D, Wool C, Kim S, Kavanaugh K. A Survey of Perinatal Palliative Care Programs in the United States: Structure, Processes, and Outcomes. J Palliat Med. 2016. Oct;19(10):1080-1086.

Modern Shapes and Frames Outline
Modern Shapes and Frames Outline

The projects done by the child are based on their capacity.

Program Time Limit:

The parent(s) can decide how long they would like for their child to participate by session.


Initial consultation session - $50.00

Per session - $50.00 per hr

Per session including supplies - $50 + supply fee tbd

Activities include:






Allergies will be considered.

Let's start creating joy!

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